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Job well done!

Congratulations Sojourner!

As of last night, we are now MV 6/6, HoF 5/6 and ToES 4/4. We also killed Jin'rakh in Throne of Thunder on our first night really working on him. We also received our first Thunderforged gear item (congratulations Destined!) and some were able to get their Tranquil Master title.

A special thanks to our guild friends who have joined us on our adventures and who have been of great assistance as we proceed through content.

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Sojourner joins the Kargath Guild Council

Last week, many notables of the Kargath community decided to address the growing, if incorrect, perception that Kargath is a dying server. To that end, they put together the Kargath Guild Council and Cross Guild Initiative.

I am pleased tgo announce that Sojourner has joined this initiative. Unfortunately, I missed the first meeting (May 11) as I was taking my mom out for a pre-emptive Mother's Day dinner. However, meetings are monthly and Astaria and I will be attending future meetings.

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Welcome to Mists of Pandaria!

Mists of Pandaria has finally launched today! Now all of you get out there and make tons of monks for our all-monk raiding team! I expect you all to be level 90 by tomorrow so we can one-shot the raids.

(j/k... have fun everyone, and remember to tip your brewmaster!)

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New account creation disabled

Due to the large amount of spam accounts being constantly created on the forums and the very few number of real people that actually want access to them, we've decided to disable new user registration completely. If you want an account on the forums, please contact one of the guild officers and we'll set one up for you.

Apologies for the inconvenence.

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Mists of Pandaria Release Date

The Mists of Pandaria release date has been announced: September 25th.

With this announcement comes information on both the digital deluxe and collector's edition. So be sure to hit up your favored retailer for your version of choice.

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Forums a little wonky

Forum links have been redirected to the raw forum page, rather then the embedded forums due to issues with the anti-spam plugin. The site should be behaving properly otherwise, and no data was lost.

Unfortunately there is no estimite for the old forum layout to return. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Rag Down!

We finally got Rag down!

And with Rag's death, Sojourner has not only officially "completed" raid content, but we did so for the first time and in our first year as a guild. Soj chartered late in Wrath and only started raiding about two/three months before Cata came out.

I want to thank all of our guildies who proved, beyond my hopes, that you can raid well and raid for fun and validating my belief that when you give people a chance, they will exceed your expectations.

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SWTOR down on the 12th for 1.2 patch

Bioware will be taking down the SWTOR servers tomorrow (the 12th) for the 1.2 patch. The servers will be down from 1:00AM EDT until 9:00AM EDT (source).

There are currently no patch notes available, but a general overview can be found on the SWTOR game updates page and includes long-awaited features like the Legacy system and guild banks.

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Destroyer's End

Gratz to Sojourner for killing Deathwing tonight. The team did great work.

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Spine Down!

W00T! Sojo downed Spine tonight. Great job team!


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